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 Rosh HaShana Newsletter Leo Baeck Education Center, September 2016

The Leo Baeck Education Center grieves the passing away of Shimon Peres, Israel's ninth President and former Prime Minister- a man of vision who has been a source of inspiration for so many in Israel and worldwide.


A Special Happy New Year Greeting from All of Us to All of You
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Leo Baeck's Managing Director Honored with Man of the Year in Education Award in Haifa
We are proud to announce that Dani Fesler, Managing Director and Headmaster of the Leo Baeck Education Center, was presented with the 2016 Man of the Year in Education Award by Radio Haifa.

Arab-Jewish Summer Camp Successful 2016 Session
AJSC2016Leo Baeck Community Center's Arab-Jewish Summer Camp completed its 26th annual summer session from August 7th to 12th. The camp was an enormous success due to the efforts of our dedicated staff and no less to the support from donors. Forty-six Jewish and 46 Arab elementary school children from the Haifa area spent a week engaging in fun, teambuilding, cultural, and sports activities aimed at facilitating meaningful interactions and emphasizing social values such as friendship, tolerance, shared existence and appreciation of each other's cultures. Many more families who wished to enroll their children were placed on waiting lists due to lack of space.

YEDA-KIPP-Inspired School Network Expands
מהקוקפיט לחדר המורים. איתי קרין  (צילום: נחום סגל )In the 2016/17 academic year the Me'uhad School in Yeruham joined the Leo Baeck-YEDA school network. The municipality of Yeruham, a southern city in the Negev, invited the YEDA-Leo Baeck administration to operate the school to improve and upgrade its status and pedagogical achievements, and thus became the third school to become part of the YEDA network. The two other schools already in the network are in Kiryat Bialik, in operation since 2014, and in Petach Tikvah since 2015. Two more schools are scheduled to open in low income neighborhoods in Israel's periphery cities next year. An in-depth profile of Itai Karin, principal of the YEDA-Kiryat Bialik School, was published in the press and on Ynet, Israel's biggest news website. The article relates Itai's transition from a 30-year career as a fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force to engage in education and what attracted him to request the role of principal in the Kiryat Bialik School and, specifically, the YEDA network.

Everything you Always Wanted to Know about the 2016 U.S. Elections
The Leo Baeck Education Center was honored to host two distinguished speakers from the United States, Noam Neusner, representing the Republican Party, and Jay Footlik, representing the Democratic Party, at an assembly of Jewish and Arab high school students from Leo Baeck and the Haifa region on September 15th. Both guests presented their presidential candidates' issues and candidly answered students' questions about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the American political process. Mr. Neusner (middle in photo) served as President George W. Bush's principal economic and domestic policy speechwriter for nearly two years, worked as an award-winning financial journalist for several newspapers, and co-authored and edited four books. Mr. Footlik (right in photo) served as Special Assistant to President Bill Clinton during his presidency and helped build support for domestic and foreign policy issues, including extensive work involving the Middle East. Both speakers arrived courtesy of the Public Affairs Office of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Leo Baeck High School Students' Kindertransport Project Travels Abroad
The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) in the UK recently published an article about Leo Baeck High School students' Kindertransport project.
Twenty-seven students volunteered to translate to Hebrew Kindertransport survivors' testimonies that were originally published in an English book entitled "I Came Alone." The translated stories and related materials are accessible on the
"I Came Alone" website that the students developed. The project team was awarded the Yad Vashem Prize for Excellence in Holocaust Education. We invite teachers abroad who would like to collaborate and partner with an Israeli teacher or provide information on this subject to contact Dr. Ruth Ash-Argyle, Director, Leo Baeck Community Library and Resource Center, ashruth3@leobaeck.net, or Ruth Almog, English teacher and professional translator, rutia@leobaeck.net.
AJR Journal Article:
"Leo Baeck High School in Haifa launches Kindertransport project"

Haifa Jewish and Arab Students Become "Friends Forever"
Four Jewish and four Arab students from the Leo Baeck High School and the Sisters of Nazareth High School in Haifa participated in a Friends Forever leadership training seminar in New Hampshire on August 1-16. The Friends Forever program, in which Leo Baeck students have participated for the past six years, provides an opportunity for young people from conflict areas to connect with each other in an environment free from the usual pressures of home, while closely interacting with residents of their host communities.  The intense two weeks in the U.S. forges bonds among the participants and empowers the students to realize that friendship is possible with anyone from a different culture, religion, or ethnicity. Upon return to Haifa, the students are committed to jointly organizing eight community events. The first such event took place on August 15th when the Haifa students met and interacted in activities with 45 UK students who participated in the Progressive Movement Birthright tour to Israel. One of the Haifa Friends Forever students commented: "I didn't believe that I would be able to overcome the obstacles and become true friends, but I actually feel that all the people in my group became part of my family."

Irish Delegation from Trinity College, Dublin, Hosted by Leo Baeck
C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Jools 2.jpgOn September 1-4 Leo Baeck hosted a delegation of twelve Catholic and Protestant students from Trinity College, Dublin, accompanied by Julian Hamilton, the university's Methodist pastor, and several Leo Baeck alumni. This second annual visit of Trinity College participants was part of the "Space to Breathe" program aimed at interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution. The group toured sights, attended Shabbat services at Ohel Avraham Synagogue and were hosted for dinner by Haifa families. Our Rabbis Gabby Dagan and Na'ama Dafni-Kellen held a Q&A session with the group and taught them the meaning of the "shofar." The Israeli participants (five Leo Baeck alumni and one teacher) will visit Dublin in November 2016 to participate in workshops with their Irish friends and with Palestinian students.

Our Pride and Joy
Congratulations to the following Leo Baeck High School students for their outstanding achievements:
Nir Khutorsky and Gal Matatyahou (both in grade 9) for winning first place in the 2016 World Youth Teams Bridge Championships held on August 3-13th in Italy.
Gal Biton (grade 12) for receiving the 2016 Ministry of Education "Ilan and Asaf Ramon Award for Excellence and Leadership".
Noa Sapir (grade 12) whose research project won 2nd place in the Technion "SciTech" 2016 summer camp program.
Dor Metzer (grade 12) for winning a bronze medal in the 2016 International Math Olympiad.

Our Young Overseas Ambassadors
Delegation of 23 Leo Baeck high school students at the Emanuel School in Sydney, Australia in July-August
Delegation of 21 Leo Baeck high school students at the Shalom Aleijem School in Buenos Aires, Argentina in August
Leo Baeck's Carmelim Dance Troupe performed in Macedonia in July

Noy Shalev is currently a Young Ambassador at the Adelson School in Las Vegas and volunteers at the school, the Scouts and Temple Sinai
Yuval Finzi Loew (at left in photo) is currently a Young Ambassador at the Gann Academy in Boston, Massachusetts
May Sharony, Bar Argaman, Michal Pyatov and Yuval Leikin were volunteer counselors at Camp Haverim in Santa Barbara, California in August
Lelie Sharon and Aner Reiner were volunteer counselors at Alyth Synagogue's Summer Madness camp in London, England in August

Our Recent Visitors
July 25-28
10 students sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan, who volunteered in Leo Baeck's outreach centers.

August 16
45 Birthright students from the Progressive movement in the UK. [Read more...]
August 21
Gary Lipman from Alyth Synagogue, London, UK.

September 15
Jane and Gordon Greenfield from Southgate Progressive Synagogue, London, UK.
W:\General\Visitors to Leo Baeck\Jane & Gordon Greenfield 15.09.16\IMG_20160915_115238.jpg
September 20
Carolyn and John Ley from Wimbledon Synagogue, London, UK.
September 27
20 students led by Rudi Pahnke from the  Landesschule in Pforta, Germany.

To find out more about projects and activities at the Leo Baeck Education Center and how you can support us, please contact tel. +972-4-8300571 or dia@leobaeck.org.il
Visit our website: leobaeckhaifa.org
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