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 Har Homa E Master Plan Scheduled for Discussion by the District Committee on May 25th and Several More Settlement Updates

On Monday, May 25th, the District Committee is scheduled to discuss the master plan (TPS 15399) for 2200 housing units in Har Homa E. Har Homa E (also known as Har Homa West) is a new settlement extending Har Homa westwards towards Givat Hamatos. If realized, construction in this most sensitive  area will create a contiguous Israeli built up area between East Jerusalem and Bethlehem.  

As reported previously Prime Minister Netanyahu instructed to advance the plan for Har Homa E  along with tenders in Givat Hamatos and detailed outline plans for the E1 area during the Israeli elections campaign. These plans and tenders were frozen for many years. 

The Har Homa E plan was scheduled to be discussed on April 27th but was taken off the agenda. Since it is a master plan (and not a detailed outline plan), it does not require a period of deposit for objections, and may receive final approval at the May 25th session. At the same time, it will not enable the immediate issuance of building permits, which can only take place after the preparation and approval of detailed outline plans for various portions within the master plan. Its approval, however, will enable the future initiation of the required detailed outline plans. Indeed one such plan for 300 to 500 housing units in part of Har Homa E is being advanced in parallel to the Har Homa E master plan (but it is not scheduled for the May 25th session).

Updates on the tender in Givat Hamatos and the detailed outline plans for E1

  • The tender for 1,077 housing units in Givat Hamatos (tender number 61/2020) was published in February. It was due to open for bids on May 3rd but has not actually opened. Due to the economic effects of COVID19 the Israel Land Authority announced the postponing of many tenders scheduled to open in the last two months. But no such announcement was made regarding the Givat Hamatos tender. Right wing groups have begun to campaign for its opening and it is yet unclear whether or not the tender will open for bids.  
  • On March 5th the Civil Administration deposited for objections two detailed outline plans in the E1 area. E1 East (TPS 420/4/10) and E1 South (TPS 420/4/7) for a combined total of 3,400 housing units. Due to COVID19 the Israeli Army issued on March 15 an order freezing processes of planning, including the objections period. This order is anticipated to expire on June 3rd and if it is not extended then the deadline for submitting objections to both plans will be in the second half of July.

Detailed outline plan for a settlement compound in Beit Hanina approved for deposit

On May 10th the District committee decided to approve for deposit TPS 740993, a plan for 72 Housing units on a plot of land in Beit Hanina. According to the decision, actual deposit will be able to happen only after some modifications to the plan are made.

The plan is initiated by an Israeli company which claims to own the land and is controlled by Deputy Mayor Arye King. King is one of the active figures in home evictions and settlement construction inside Palestinian neighborhoods. He lives in the Maale Zeitim settler compound in Ras alAmud.

There are two more plans for settler compounds in the vicinity of TPS 740993 in which King is also involved:

TPS 610113 for 75 housing units. The plan was fully approved last year.
TPS 740951 for 69 housing units. The plan has not yet been approved for deposit.


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