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 Discussion on Plans for Har Homa E Cancelled

As reported in Ir Amim's alert from April 22nd the Jerusalem District Planning Committee was scheduled to discuss two plans for the new settlement Har Homa E (also known as Har Homa West) with a total of  2,200 housing expanding Har Homa westwards towards Givat Hamatos.

A few days ago, the plans were taken off the agenda and therefore were not discussed today by the committee. A new date for their discussion has yet to be published.

For a map and more details on the two plans, please see Ir Amim's earlier alert .

This alert was written by Ir Amim Researcher Aviv Tatarsky
Please address all inquiries to Aviv:

*Please note that Amy Cohen, Ir Amim’s Director of International Relations and Advocacy, is currently on maternity leave.

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