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 Glassman Campus in Sheikh Jarrah Brought to Special City Council Vote
Last night, the plan for the Glassman Campus in Sheikh Jarrah was put to a special vote in the City Council and overwhelmingly approved for recommendation to the District Planning and Building Committee. The plan was narrowly approved by the Local Planning and Building Committee in a 4-3 vote on February 12, when it recommended that the Glassman Campus plan be deposited for objections by the District Planning and Building Committee. In an attempt to garner opposition to the plan, Meretz Council member Pepe Alalu raised the plan on the agenda of the City Council which, like the Local Committee, has no authority to approve a plan but can strongly influence the process with its recommendation. The City Council overwhelmingly voted to positively recommend the plan for discussion at the District Planning and Building Committee, which will decide whether or not to deposit the plan for objections.


The Glassman Campus (TPS 68858) plan calls for a new 12-story building at the entrance of Sheikh Jarrah designed to serve as a yeshiva and dormitories. According to recently reviewed documents from the Jerusalem Municipality, the Israel Land Administration has conveyed the land for the project to Or Sameach, a religious organization.

Despite the fact that the master plan for the area designates the plot for educational buildings to benefit the local population, the Municipality has demonstrated support for the current plan. Out of the 4.2 dunam in question, the main building will be erected on 1.9 dunams, another 1.3 dunams will serve as open private area for the yeshiva and the remaining 1 dunam will be used for storage facilities for the Municipality.

The significance of this project cannot be underestimated. Creation of a residential compound housing dozens of young religious men at the entrance to Sheikh Jarrah will exacerbate simmering tensions in the neighborhood while strengthening settlers’ hold on this Palestinian community.

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